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  • shiva

    Hai Akhil, I have been reading your articles for almost two years. It is always fun and brings great joy in reading them. But I am missing your articles recently.. may be long time…. come back… love

    • Akhil Kalsh


  • Hey.. I like your writing style and the articles. I want to ask you something. I own a Yamaha fsz-fi bike and I want to do a road trip from Goa to Kanyakumari. Is my bike capable of it? PS: I never went on a trip. This would be the first time.

    • Yes you can. Bikes don’t matter! Search for Ed March, he’s been riding a 90cc scooter all over the world 🙂

    • Hey.. This might sound ridiculous to you but I need to ask. What about border check points when we travel from one state to other? What documents should I need to take with me? What about fines and road tax?

      • You are in India right? Fuck all of that shit. Carry your license, RC, insurance and pollution certificate. That’s all. Don’t do anything too stupid and you’ll never need to know what fine, and you don’t need to pay road tax if you stay in any state for less than 6 months.

  • Aureen Mukerji

    Awesome articles buddy

  • Thanigaivel

    can i buy duke 390 ? i need it to be with me life long…. will it be?? iam planning to buy in March 2015… can u suggest any other bike that has good life ?? iam slim and i weigh about 58kgs….

    • I don’t really understand the concept of a “lifelong” bike. Duke 390 is a brilliant machine, easy and cheap to maintain and runs like a dream. You can easily use it for 5+ years, and depending on your level of maintenance forever and ever.

  • Anthony Ranglong

    Hi Akhilji, I love reading your articles, not only for the info-packed reviews but also because of your enviable sense of humour… I own a Duke 200, and yes I am more than satisfied with it.. But I find myself inclined towards RE Classic 500… Having read ur “6 Reasons why I would Never Buy a Royal Enfield”, I am now quite skeptical about its durability as the intended purpose of the new purchase is to carry me around the horrifying highways of NE India… Could you make an exhaustive review of the new RE Desert Storm so that I can weigh the pros and cons based on ur expert analysis? Thanx! God bless and Ride hard!

    • Thanks Anthony. I (obviously) don’t own a Desert Storm, but 2 of my good friends do. I will try my best to write a detailed review of this machine, based on their personal experiences. Cheers!

  • Nice Articles …

    • Akhil Kalsh

      Thanks Ganesh! Glad you like’em 🙂