About us

RiderZone is Akhil Kalsh’s personal blog, like the diary of a teenage girl, only slightly more more sophisticated and bearable. It’s a place to vent out his frustrations, and one of those rare automotive websites that call a piece of shit a piece of shit. There are already enough sites that vomit buttloads of fabricated news items onto the internet everyday, and that’s exactly the kind of fuckery that Akhil wants to stay away form.

RiderZone is an honest attempt to share news that counts, reviews that help, and stories that matter, all seen through the eyes of a foolishly opinionated Indian biker.

Akhil Kalsh has been a biking fan since his umbilical was cut. He got his hands on a Pulsar 150 when he was in college and has ridden its sorry ass about 50,000 kilometers since over most of India, including Ladakh. Now he can be seen on a Duke 390 trying to run as far away from civilization as possible.

On some rare occasions he has been known to like things with more than two wheels as well. He loves photography, but hates shooting people, with a camera that is, he loves shooting them with the real thing alright.

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