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400th post: A year away from motorcycles

2017 has been an interesting year. I found myself in the United Kingdom, got a job, went to the Isle of Man TT, watched the Silverstone MotoGP, and gave up on automobiles. The only driving I did was a 600 km trip of Scotland, and the only biking I did was the 2000 odd kilometers… Read More »

The experiment fails

I’ve always attempted to live my life as a series of experiments, that seems to be the only way to not die of regret. At the base of all these experiments is always the singular question, “What if?”. Curiosity. What if I gave up on the IT life? What if I got a job about… Read More »

England, bikes, and the complexity of chasing the dream

In case you didn’t know, I am in the United Kingdom right now. As much as I’d like to take credit for this achievement, it had absolutely nothing to do with me. My wife works in IT, and she’s here for an onsite assignment, and I joined the party as a dependent. I’m writing this… Read More »

The philosophical argument against wearing a helmet

There have been a few insightful articles written recently about helmets. Here’s an interesting one that talks about why a girl commuting on a Dio in Pune decided to invest 4000 bucks to pick up an LS2. Although I don’t agree with the choice of the lid, rest everything else is spot on. Here’s another… Read More »

The legend of Dilip Bam, a man after my own heart

The brightness produced by TWO bulbs being supplied thru a 35 watt cable is NOT as bright as a single bulb alone being supplied 35 watts. To understand this, just imagine: it is like one man marrying TWO nine-year old girls instead of ONE eighteen year old girl ! This is a piece from Dilip… Read More »

RiderZone traffic and income report: September 2016

The last time I shared this report was in March. If you’re wondering why this half a year gap to the next one, the answer is rather simple. I tried writing about the roughly 100,000 views and the roughly $40 income that they made, but that was just too fucking depressing. The only thing I could… Read More »

The 7 different phases of my riding life

Yesterday’s article brought back memories of how my riding life started. Over the decade that I’ve spent with motorcycles, my purpose with them and my behavior towards them has changed dramatically. It’s difficult to notice these changes when they happen, because it’s all in super-slow motion, but when you look back over the years, see… Read More »

300th post: The experiment continues

I’m bored. It’s not that writing isn’t fun, it’s just that I feel like I’m starring in a one-man porno. Some people might have a fetish for that, and I might be able to do some incredibly disgusting things, but at the end of the day it’s just so monotonous. Wake up, eat your cereal,… Read More »

RiderZone traffic and income report: February 2016

I get plenty of questions about how much traffic my site gets and how that translates into actual money, so this is what I’m going to do, a monthly report of visitor count and total income from all sources. This ought to shut up all those juveniles who think making money online is easy. I’m not… Read More »