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Video Vednesday: Epic journeys

I’m planning to move Video Vednesday permanently to the weekend. The name might need to be changed, but what would I call it? Video Vunday? Sinema Saturday? I don’t know, let’s keep calling it VV for now, who gives a shit anyway. Here’s a selection of films I’ve been watching since yesterday. I’ve already seem… Read More »

Video Vednesday: Reality check

It’s good to un-fool yourself from time to time. Today’s selection of videos talk about what adventure costs. The cost might be in cash, or it might be in things, or it might be something more general like discipline and compromise. The aim is not to discourage anyone, it’s to give you a look at… Read More »

Video Vednesday: A few films about adventure travel

Video Vednesday is back, after 482 days. Today’s presentation contains 3 movies, I am intentionally reducing the number here to make sure you are able to watch them all. There are plenty more coming in future VVs. I am also intentionally not writing much about these movies, what’s the point of talking about something you… Read More »

Video Vednesday: Insane crashes and scary close calls

I really need to stop calling this Video Vednesday, can’t remember the last time it was actually posted on the correct day. In any case, behold! I have brought you new plunders from my psychotic Youtube binge-watching sessions. This time, we go back to our tried and tested motorcycle crashes, with a few sprinkles of near-misses… Read More »

Video Vednesday: Dirt is Dangerous

Dirt is fun, there aren’t stupid people around, so you can just do your thing, relax, and get away from it all. There’s always a risk involved when you’re on your bike, but hey, it’s like David says, “No risk, No fun”. However, dirt can also be extremely dangerous, and seemingly tiny crashes can lead… Read More »

Video Vednesday: 5 examples of how Riding Gear saves lives

It’s been a strange week. It started out rather normal, with me posting some random brains farts about the ride that I did. The last 2 articles have been far too serious though, and I’m not sure why. I like writing such investigative pieces, although they are quite a pain in the ass to compile,… Read More »

Video Vednesday: A track day in memory of Mihir Chadha

Mihir was a tit. Track day 1 for me, and this dude walks over and says I’ll be your trainer. Starts telling me weird stuff like “You’ve got to lock your front brake to understand where the traction point is”. Then he says come follow me on the R15, I’ll show you the lines. 2… Read More »

Video Vednesday: Ride Against Man Rape

This 11 minute video only took me 6 hours to finish. Not bad eh, considering my last 5 minute video took 20. Ride Against Man Rape, while being a totally serious and legitimate ride for a cause, was done entirely to test out the SJCAM SJ5000X Elite. I’ve made timelapses and done some gyro work… Read More »

Video Vednesday: 6 reasons why we need dirt bikes

In a country like India, filled with potholes and mountains and lakes and forests and rivers, it’s weird that there’s not one single dirt bike on sale. Hero gave us the puny but still fun Impulse, then chickened out and took it away. Others have given us some nice bikes, none of which are street… Read More »

Video Vednesday: Another insane adventure by MAD TV

These old farts are living the life. A few days ago I’d shared a series of videos documenting the crazy adventure a bunch of Aussies did crossing the Simpson desert. That was done in 2014, and you could tell from the video that the riders were fairly comfortable off the road, and understood what needed to… Read More »