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A bad cop, a good guy, and the sad story of Indian motorsports

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, 50 bikers got together near a village for a rally. Then one of the village cops went full Singham on the riders, assaulted the organizer, and dragged them all to the police station. He allowed them to go after 7 hours, but not before breaking plenty of laws that… Read More »

Misano MotoGP Preview: A “normal” race finally?

It’s been a crazy few rounds of MotoGP, in fact the entire year has been quite special in many ways. Now the action moves over to Misano, and it looks like we might have a predictable outcome after all, at least that’s what the FP1 results tell us. The Sun is shining at the beautiful… Read More »

British MotoGP: Fuck me sideways and call me Nancy

Holy shit that was one hell of a weekend. Moto3 was insane fun as always, Moto2 was surprisingly exciting, and then there was MotoGP. Oh my fucking gawd what a race. Here’s a recap of the things I saw, but really, fuck this article, watch the damn thing, all 3 of them. British MotoGP: Hyper… Read More »

Brno MotoGP: I like people who smile when it rains

Rain is a great leveler, washing away the difference in machines, squeezing the life out of electronics, until all that remains is skill and brains. The Brno GP was a great reminder of this, in all 3 classes, with wildly different results. Here’s a recap of what went down the beautiful Czech circuit, starting with… Read More »

Austrian GP: Broken records, total dominance, and smiling fortunes

Massive amounts of shit hit the fan even before the racing action had begun. The Sky VR46 team decided to suspend Fenati for the race, with the 20-year-old accused of repeatedly being a dick to his team, although not his teammates. Such a harsh move is extremely rare, especially with someone fighting for a top… Read More »

MotoGP Austria: A bag full of surprises

I would like to start this article with a polite suggestion to Ten Sports to go fuck themselves with a cricket bat, since they seem to have such a strong sexual fetish for it. Feel free to jam in a few leather balls in there too, and why not a few wickets while you are… Read More »

MotoGP mid-season review: It’s good to be alive in 2016

I recently watched an F1 race. In my defence, nothing else was up that weekend. Holy fucking gasoline, what a complete sham that sport has become. It’s basically a fight between the two Mercs, while the rest scramble to pick up the pieces. And then that whole radio fiasco and the stupid little penalties for… Read More »

WSBK Laguna Seca race results: Rea is not human

Jonathan Rea recently signed for another 2 years with Kawasaki to race in the WSBK. I think that was a mistake. It’s like the topper of a class choosing to repeat a year, he’s too far ahead of everyone else in WSBK, it’s time he tested himself against the MotoGP competition. Of course that’s easier… Read More »

MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 race results from Assen

What a beautiful day it was. In my mind, without a doubt, this was the best racing action I have ever seen in my life. Thanks to the weather, and the brilliant piece of asphalt that is Assen, all 3 classes gave us some extremely remarkable races, with even more shocking results. I don’t think… Read More »

Aravind KP finally gets a Dakar 2017 seat with TVS Racing

In 2012, a crash during a practice session shattered his hip, breaking the pelvic socket. For a normal guy, even a seasoned racer, that would’ve meant Game Over. Aravind however underwent hip reconstruction surgery, and in less than a year returned back to racing like nothing had changed, apart from the bunch of nuts and… Read More »