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Slideways Motoranch review: Bangalore’s only good thing?

I hate Bangalore. Not only it is an unplanned, polluted, overcrowded city, the citizens there are actually proud of the mess they call home. Regionalism by itself is a pretty stupid concept, being proud of being born at a specific latitude and longitude is like being proud of being born with a hole in your… Read More »

Voodoo Bizango review: 2000 kms experience

It’s been about a year since I’ve given up on automobiles, when I moved to the UK I decided to stop riding and driving. The reason for this decision was very simple. My requirements for a mode of transport are as follows, in order of priority: It should be easy It should be cheap It… Read More »

SJCAM M20 review: The best budget action camera

You can pick up this camera from the SJCAM India official site with a 10% discount by using the code RIDER10. Before we begin this, I would like you to understand something I’ve said repeatedly in my articles, but is rather easy to miss. I am not an expert in anything, and when I say… Read More »

Honda Activa review: Why the hell do people buy this thing?

The number of things I don’t understand in this world keeps increasing exponentially. Before this review begins, I would like to admit that my testing methods are weird, my ability to comprehend other people’s perspectives limited, and overall, my knowledge of the motorcycling world quite narrow and one-sided. Part of this can be attributed to… Read More »

Xiaomi Yi action camera review: China kicks ass

October has been a rather bad month as far as writing 5 articles a week goes. I did it in September, and thought once the habit was in it would be easy to carry the momentum. In reality, I was burned out by the end of September, wanted to stay away from a laptop and… Read More »

Himalayan vs. Mojo vs. Daytona 675: Which one should you buy?

Hi Akhil, my name is Reeta RD, and I’m a big fan of RiderZone! You are unbelievably cool, and I’m certain you’re hung like an elephant. Everyone in the universe should read your articles, send you lots of money, and also donate their bikes/life savings to you since you are so unimaginably cool. I needed… Read More »

KTM Duke 390 review: 50,000 Kms experience

This is the kind of review I enjoy. I’ve lived with the bike for almost 3 years, done more than 50,000 kms on it. I know it, I know its after sale service and support, I know how it feels on every different kind of surface, I know what it would do before it does.… Read More »

Buying a GoPro? Read this SJCAM SJ5000X Elite review first

It’s been more than a month since SJCAM India sent me the SJ5000X Elite for a review, and I have shot roughly 2000 photos and 200 videos with it for some 75 GB of total data. I’ve tried every mode, fiddled with every setting, and ridden with it through a variety of conditions. I’m now in… Read More »

Distant Suns by Sam Manicom: Audible book review

There are many ways I could try to tell you how much I enjoyed this book. The easiest one is this: I was done with it in a week, and it felt decidedly shorter than Under Asian Skies, which it is not. I checked. Distant Suns is the 3rd book Sam Manicom’s round the world… Read More »