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Honda Activa review: Why the hell do people buy this thing?

The number of things I don’t understand in this world keeps increasing exponentially. Before this review begins, I would like to admit that my testing methods are weird, my ability to comprehend other people’s perspectives limited, and overall, my knowledge of the motorcycling world quite narrow and one-sided. Part of this can be attributed to… Read More »

Himalayan vs. Mojo vs. Daytona 675: Which one should you buy?

Hi Akhil, my name is Reeta RD, and I’m a big fan of RiderZone! You are unbelievably cool, and I’m certain you’re hung like an elephant. Everyone in the universe should read your articles, send you lots of money, and also donate their bikes/life savings to you since you are so unimaginably cool. I needed… Read More »

KTM Duke 390 review: 50,000 Kms experience

This is the kind of review I enjoy. I’ve lived with the bike for almost 3 years, done more than 50,000 kms on it. I know it, I know its after sale service and support, I know how it feels on every different kind of surface, I know what it would do before it does.… Read More »

Video Vednesday: Benelli TNT 600i video review

This is the first video I’ve ever made with Adobe Premiere Pro. I would like to be happy about that fact, Premiere Pro is so much better than the shitty Windows Movie Maker that I was using till now. But somehow, the 20 hours of total work that it took me to make this five… Read More »

Benelli TNT 600i review: The dream bike for attention whores

The bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. – Anton Ego, Ratatouille.  If there’s any purpose to RiderZone, it’s to show you the world from the eyes of one man. The obvious side-effect of this purpose… Read More »

Royal Enfield Himalayan video review: Finally!

Gawd damn it I can’t believe I’ve made a video, especially once that I like. Like a lot of bikers nowadays, I tried my hands at Motovlogging, and completely sucked at it. I made quite a few vlogs, but uploaded only 2, the rest were just far too depressing to go public. Then the idea… Read More »

Royal Enfield Himalayan: 6 positives, 6 negatives, price and thoughts

The Royal Enfield Himalayan was officially launched today with an ex-showroom Delhi price of 1.56 lacs, which is very impressive. Click here to read my personal ride review. Here are the on-road prices in almost all major cities, with Delhi missing since it appears RE has run into some trouble with the strict emission norms… Read More »

Video Vednesday: Triumph Daytona 675 Vlog

I hate Vlogging. I’m used to keeping my mouth shut for an entire day and just ride. With a camera on my chin and a microphone on my lips, I just feel completely fucking lost. I’ve also noticed that I’m a completely different person when I talk from when I write. Maybe it’s because I… Read More »