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Alpinestars S-MX 6 vented boots review: You beauty

It’s rare for me to like something. Somehow I have become a grandpa, ranting incoherently about things I don’t understand, constantly lecturing others how things ought to be. I don’t know when it happened, but here we are now. I have a reputation for negativity, if I write something that isn’t about fingering someone in… Read More »

SJCAM M20 review: The best budget action camera

You can pick up this camera from the SJCAM India official site with a 10% discount by using the code RIDER10. Before we begin this, I would like you to understand something I’ve said repeatedly in my articles, but is rather easy to miss. I am not an expert in anything, and when I say… Read More »

Xiaomi Yi action camera review: China kicks ass

October has been a rather bad month as far as writing 5 articles a week goes. I did it in September, and thought once the habit was in it would be easy to carry the momentum. In reality, I was burned out by the end of September, wanted to stay away from a laptop and… Read More »

TBG Sport gloves review: Road, off-road, and track experience

I’m not sure what’s the reason, or if it’s just a figment of my imagination, but the number of major crashes among riders, especially experienced ones, has shot up significantly in the last few months. It’s possible that I’m now connected to many more bikers than I used to, or that I’m affected by such news… Read More »

Alpinestars Fending Air jacket review: Something’s fishy

You buy an Alpinestars jacket. The quality is nice, it’s extremely well ventilated, has Cordura at all the right places, and looks cool. The armor is fuckall, the one at the back is almost non-existent, the chest pads are literally non-existent, but it serves the purpose you bought it for – comfort. It’s extremely light,… Read More »

Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon gloves review: 5000 kms of dissapointment

I started my riding life as most people do, stupidly. No protective gear, spectacularly oversized helmet, and a lot of luck. Over the years I’ve constantly upgraded my wardrobe, and the natural progression of gloves followed this path: Half-finger leather gangster gloves (I’m not proud) Textile Probiker street gloves (I’m not proud) Textile KTM copy… Read More »

Spartan Pro Gear ASPIDA Zeus boot review: Meh

It took a good deal of time, money and WhatsApp discussions to find a suitable riding boot for me, even though my requirements were pretty simple! It should offer good protection, should be full length, should be usable in office with my formal pants and should not devour my wallet. Ran through many online sites, and even tried some industrial… Read More »

Cardo Scala Rider G9x review: Unreliable little thing

I’ve never felt the need for a Bluetooth headset, what the hell will a solo rider do with one anyway? Riding my bike is one of the few occasions when I get to do my favorite thing – stay quiet. I love not speaking for hours, days if possible, but given the extreme love of others… Read More »

Zeus motorcycle touring pant review: A mixed bag

Some of you may know about my terrible experience with Spartan and their Odysseus riding pant. With the Bhutan trip approaching, I had to find something that won’t amputate my legs over the next 20 odd days. As is expected from a lazy slobbering piece of sloth doodoo like me, I waited and waited till… Read More »