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ViaTerra Rapide review – Saddlebags for everyone!

Disclaimer: I work with ViaTerra, I am ViaTerra, so please take this review as an opinion you simply cannot trust. I’m writing this only because I can’t stop the itch to do so.  I hadn’t used the ViaTerra Rapide saddlebags before my latest trip, ever. That’s pretty weird, considering the fact that I work there. While… Read More »

Rynox Nomad V2 motorcycle luggage review: Brilliant!

When you imagine a motorcycle road trip, all that comes to mind is wind in your face, open roads, tank full of gas, and beautiful horizons. The reality is far from rosy though! You end up fighting the elements, other people, and yourself, not to mention the buttload of stuff that needs to be carried along… Read More »

Dirtsack Tailpack riding luggage review: Value for money!

Alright then, enough bullshit! Let’s write something useful and uncontroversial shall we? During my recent 7500 kms long Mumbai-Bhutan-Mumbai ride, I really wanted to use hard luggage, Dirtsack panniers to be precise. Since I really couldn’t afford to buy them outright, I talked to the Dirtsack owners about sponsorship. Long story short, I couldn’t get… Read More »

Rynox Optimus review: The best tank bag.

When you are on a long ride, even a big saddle bag like Viaterra Claw might not be enough. You need to carry more stuff and that too away from your shoulders. This is where tank bags come into the picture. They give you an easy way to stow away stuff you will regularly need.… Read More »

Viaterra Claw review – The luggage King.

When you ride for weeks on end, you need to have a reliable luggage system on your bike. You can’t just hang a bag on your shoulders, because it will make your back ache like anything, and it will never have enough space for all of your stuff. So when we were planning for our… Read More »

ViaTerra Velox review: Another brilliant product!

Before we begin with this ViaTerra Velox review, here is a list of all ViaTerra products I own, linked to their respective reviews: ViaTerra Claw – Saddlebag ViaTerra Marine – Hydration system Viaterra Fly – Tankbag So, yeah, almost everything ViaTerra make that can fit on my bike, I got it. They are a nice bunch of people who… Read More »

ViaTerra Fly review: Wanting for more.

Tank bags are awesome. They take the weight off your back and let you enjoy the asphalt rather than wallow in pain. I took the Rynox Optimus M tankbag to Ladakh and it performed exceedingly well, better than I expected. Now it’s time to check out another tankbag from a reputed brand, the ViaTerra Fly.… Read More »

ViaTerra Marine Hydration Pack review.

When I went to Ladakh, just after Jispa, I got a bad case of AMS. The world looked dopey, I had no idea where I was going or how, and a kilometer felt like a light year. In hindsight, I should have taken more water, that may have been one of the primary reasons why… Read More »