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Isle of Man TT: My experience – The End

“You ran all this way with that bag on your shoulders?” “Yes.” “Why didn’t you just leave it at the camping spot, pick it back up after the race?” “You could do that? Fuck me.” I make a lot of mistakes. I guess everyone makes mistakes, it’s just that I put myself into difficult situations… Read More »

Isle of Man TT: My experience – Part 3

What now? It was 10 in the night, I was outside the ferry terminal, and I had no idea where to go. I stood outside for a while, just to see what others were doing, and that didn’t help much. All the taxis that came in were taken quite quickly, so that wasn’t an option… Read More »

Isle of Man TT: My experience – Part 2

I am not scared anymore. We take it for granted, not being scared at a new place, alone. But picture yourself when you first started traveling, the nerves, the fear, the anxiety. I like doing this, to look back and see how much things have changed, to be happy where I am now. When I… Read More »

Isle of Man TT: My experience – Part 1

I have mixed feelings about luck. In one sense, I don’t really believe in it. There is no destiny, the lines on your palm are meaningless, and reading horoscopes tells you as much about the future as does urinating on a Ouija board. However, I often find myself in a place where I couldn’t have… Read More »

Ride against Kawasaki – Day 1: Stories from the roads

The thing I hate most about motorcycles is that loving them forces you to be a morning person. I don’t like to be forced, or to be a morning person. The alarms went off at 4 AM, and it was time to peel myself away from the bed. If you’re ever confused in life about what… Read More »

Hyderabad-Mumbai-Bangalore and back: Final frontier

Tomorrow morning I’ll be up by 4, ready by 5, and on the road by 6, before any traffic, before the heat.  *11 am* Fucking shit ass piss horse penis donkey balls cow vagina. I am a master procrastinator. If procrastination could make you money, my name would show up on top of the Panama… Read More »

Hyderabad-Mumbai-Bangalore and back: Day 4 – Back to Pune

90% of introverts, the kind that don’t speak even when they have an opinion, are the most intelligent, nicest people you’ll ever meet. The rest 10% are psychopaths who’ll murder you and rape your dog, while calmly listening to Beethoven.  This particular morning I had the luxury of getting up late, which is a rather hard… Read More »