Adventure travel film festival 2017: My experience – Part 1

“Hi I’m Lois, it’s nice to meet you!” “N..N..Nice….”  This happened when I met Lois Pryce, within a few minutes of arriving at the Adventure travel film festival 2017, London. It set the tone for the rest of the weekend, with me drooling around people I’d only read about, tongue-tied, looking like I just jumped… Read More »

Video Vednesday: Epic journeys

I’m planning to move Video Vednesday permanently to the weekend. The name might need to be changed, but what would I call it? Video Vunday? Sinema Saturday? I don’t know, let’s keep calling it VV for now, who gives a shit anyway. Here’s a selection of films I’ve been watching since yesterday. I’ve already seem… Read More »

Book review: Built for speed by John McGuinness

How do you review the story of a 23 time Isle of Man TT winner? I have read a lot of books the past year, I have reviewed a few of them on this website. When I review a book, it’s usually not from the point of view of the story or the writing or… Read More »

Would I ever buy a superbike?

I’m at a unique position in my life. Before 2017, all I could do was dream about buying a superbike. I didn’t have the money to afford one, and I was in India, where buying one doesn’t make sense. Getting a superbike in India is like leaving a penguin in the Sahara, they don’t belong.… Read More »

RiderZone income and traffic report: January 2018

Let’s set the mood a bit. Right then, I’m planning to start putting out income and traffic reports again every month. Sure it’s a depressing exercise, but it should help me get a bit more organized, to face facts, and more importantly it should give an idea to anyone planning to make a living online… Read More »

Video Vednesday: Reality check

It’s good to un-fool yourself from time to time. Today’s selection of videos talk about what adventure costs. The cost might be in cash, or it might be in things, or it might be something more general like discipline and compromise. The aim is not to discourage anyone, it’s to give you a look at… Read More »

Is it Time’sUp for MotoGP Paddock Girls?

A few days ago UK’s Professional Darts Corporation decided that they would discontinue the tradition of women escorting male players to the stage. I did not know grown men playing darts competitively was a thing, I always thought of it as a glorified drinking game. However, it looks like someone in the management remained sober… Read More »

How to buy a motorcycle

Put your money in a sack, run to the dealership, drop it in front of the salesman like a mic. We have too many choices. Even though from time to time I rant about how we do not have a lot of options in the motorcycle department, the options we do have are enough to… Read More »

Silverstone MotoGP: My experience

It was a bit boring. I know I sound like a teenager, a thankless parasite that gets everything but appreciates nothing. The race was at the end of August last year, why do you think it took me this long to write about it? I had fair warning before going to Silverstone that it was… Read More »